Private Services

photo of child working with therapits

Private services are an excellent option for many clients, from toddlers to seniors. Our therapists can deliver quality services to people where they live, learn or work or at our clinic. Private services provide timely and flexible scheduling of appointments and client-centered therapy with opportunities for clients, caregivers and families to be involved in setting goals and developing therapy plans. Our team of skilled therapists can also offer multidisciplinary services and can work together with you to collaboratively address various areas of concern.

Who may be looking for private services?

  • Parents may look for services if they have concerns about their children’s development (i.e., they are a late talker, are talking but difficult to understand, are having issues with sensory input, are awkward or clumsy) and are eager to begin the assessment and therapy process. Remember that early intervention is key and will help your child reach his or her potential and reduce the chance of longer term issues 
  • Parents of children often look for services when their children are on waitlists for publicly funded services such as those provided by children’s treatment centres, school boards or through the school health support services program North West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) as early intervention is important! 
  • Parents of children often look for services when their children are on breaks from publicly funded services as well. 

It is important to note that children can receive services through both private and publicly funded agencies and that our therapists strive to coordinate services with the public sector therapists in order to maximize the benefit your child receives from therapy.

  • Adults/seniors who are looking to improve their quality of life due to impacts of degenerative diseases, stroke, or following a car accident. 
  • Adults/seniors who require immediate intervention due to safety concerns (home safety assessments, walker/wheelchair equipment needs).