Indigenous Services

Creative Therapy Associates has provided services on behalf of indigenous school boards, tribal councils, and health care agencies for over 15 years. We have gained extensive experience collaborating with First Nations educators, families and students, and we understand and respect the cultural differences and academic challenges these children face.

Indigenous consultation and training for speech therapy assistants

We have developed partnerships with educators and families and have gained an appreciation for how communication style can best create positive relationships to build the trust needed to facilitate academic success. Our experience working with Indigenous populations in isolated communities has also led us to explore alternative models of service delivery, looking at innovative approaches to addressing common concerns with speech, language and literacy development. This often includes providing training to teachers and support workers.

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We believe it is important to communicate with all of our clients and their families in a culturally sensitive manner that respects the individual and focuses on their unique needs and goals. Contact us to find out more about how we can support your agency or institution meet the speech, language, literacy or occupational therapy needs of your students, educators or community members, either through training or intervention.